The Management Board of WIN International Foundation is formed by experienced professionals passionate in their belief that excellence in technology and scientific research and innovation is “a must not only for the individual development of any person, but also for the sustainable and prosperous future of the society they represent” – Ruggero Civitarese, President of the Foundation.

A new product proposed by WIN: Executive Master in International Management

WIN International Foundation was established in November 2014 in Bucharest, Romania, as a private non-governmental organisation aiming to support excellence and performance through training and research.

We are fully dedicated to continuing development of new partnerships in order to support the achievement of our common goals. Therefore, you are always welcomed to become our partners. Let’s shape a sustainable future together!


Whatever area of the business your interests lie in, our programs will give you first-class training and support, together with an in-depth understanding of your chosen business area - so you can develop the skills you need to progress your career.
Through our training, research and innovation programs, we intend to generate a link between talented young people, the academic community, corporations, civil society and the general public.
Our main purpose is to improve and capitalise on the education and research, encouraging human potential and generating added value for individuals, companies and society.


Together with our partners we provide:
✓ Continuing training courses adapted to the specific training and improvement needs identified in organisations from various sectors such as: industry, energy, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, agriculture, transport, finance, management etc.;
✓ Work-based internships;
✓ Fund-raising campaigns for education and research programs;
✓ Undergraduate and postgraduate research programs;
✓ Career guidance and counseling programs;
✓ Joint postgraduate programs in cooperation with prestigious universities from Romania and abroad.


Long-term training, qualification and employment opportunities for young graduates
Reliable partnership of WIN International Foundation and Walter Tosto spa
Walter Tosto spa is an Italian company founded in 1960 working successfully worldwide in the field of oil and gas equipment manufacturing, as well as other fields: petrochemical, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical industry.
Walter Tosto spa policy focuses on the good management of company resources and is permanently concerned with providing all customers and especially all employees with high economic motivation and satisfaction, personal security and opportunities for the future.
For Walter Tosto spa under the leadership of Luca Tosto, human resources are key for growth and competitiveness, a valuable asset in which the company invests permanently.

The vision behind the project
Since 2012, Walter Tosto spa owns a factory in Bucharest, Romania, manufacturing high technology equipment. Walter Tosto WTB intends to invest in the training and qualification of young graduates of vocational schools, who may be further present the opportunity to develop their professional careers in the company’s global projects and locations, based on the skills acquired during the training program in WTB and also based on the proven level of performance of the trainees.
The training program, initiated in 2015 by WIN International Foundation in partnership with Walter Tosto WTB for young VET graduates, will have 1-year duration and will provide skills for occupations of interest for the international labor market (welder, fitter, CNC machine operator, non-destructive testing operator, project manager, non-destructive testing inspector, design engineer).
The international training program is managed by WIN International Foundation, which will coordinate all the activities of the entire project and logistics aspects.


WIN International Foundation team consist of:
- People eager to bring a new vision of thinks;
- People who like to work with professionals;
- People who want to build something sustainable;
- People who want to work in a team;

- People who like to help where needed;
- People who want to share experiences with other people;
- People eager to learn the secrets of knowledge. 

Do you want to join to our team?

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